A New Normal: Nasdem Agreed, but not for School!

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Ahmad H Ali saat reses di Kabupaten Parigi Moutong Sulawesi Tengah sebelum wabah Covid 19. Foto/ist/kailipost.com
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Jakarta,- Indonesian government are planning on June 2020 to announcement the new order of life after or no-natural disasters of cororna virus epidemic. A new normal that is Indononesian community with a new of life in healthy behaviour maintain safe interactions with activities before. The revived back of Economy have to prioritize of health.

With these thoughts in mind of Nasdem Faction policy support legislative assembly (DPR) Republic of Indonesia a new normal. Such conditions are Nasdem’s thought. We are face with two problems. A health or Economy. Nasdem are both, we’re strong, health, and economy growth. Explained Nasdem faction chairman Ahmad h. Ali to Kailipost.com on Friday, May 29 2020.

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The important for note, Nasdem is refused also a new normal the opening of schools too. The reasons, children’s health awareness at school is still vulnerable. There is no guarantee of school environment and the protection of Indonesia Children.

“About the opening of school was Nasdem refused. Not yet. It can be partials if the conditions are strict.” That is. Quarantined of school environment between transmission a student’s, how do new normal learning model? Is the teacher the pursuit model? “Many things must be studied and Nasdem still refused, because the vulnerability of transmission a student’s” explained Deputy Chairman Nasdem party.***

Reporter: Andono Wibisono

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