The edge of third semester, students who has GP Lowern than 2.0 is not pass

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Palu- vice dean of Academic of Medical School Tadulako Univesrsity (Untad) Dr. dr. Muhammad Ardi Munir Sp. OT. M.kes, M.H, FICS, said that is starting of school years on 2020/2021 will be do the evaluation strictly and tiered. the evaluation will be conducted at the end of third semester and when the first is conducted, the students whos GP is less than 2.0 will not given to continued the aportunity to continued.

The apportunity to continued does not, but will be increases move the another of Medical School in Indonesia or move to another Faculties at Untad environment, said dr. Muhammad Arid.

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“That matter, he said in order to respon nto the impression that is not good in the Community, related to students evaluation who are not of Faculty. The specialist of Arthopedic and Traumatology said that the evaluation will be conducted, so that ealier it could be known among them cannot the continued their education of Medical School.

For me, at beginning it’s better to drop out, not in the middle, so that aportunity to continued studyng in other of Medical School Faculties is great, not after in walking in the upper semester, he said.

We will see, he said. From the experiences so far the are some difficulties of their studies in the course, because they have never been evaluated. there was an impression of Faculty the indifferent. sp be able to or unable to leave it alone.

“his is a doctor prospective is cannot be careless, because it will be a long-terms impact. besides that there is no impression to entering of Mdical School ko the important thing is to be known. He said”
Basically it’s enough when talking about better needs for a perfect education, additional facilities are still neded, but of course with the support of parents of students, he explained when asked about the need of Medical School facilities.

“But, if there is a policy it is not possible, we are accept and we will continue to provide service maximum to students. of course the day will be tighter. Including the evaluation at the edge of third semester.

And if at the edge thirtd semester the minimum GP required is not able to be achieved by a students, then we are as lecturers agreed not to tolerate and we need to convey this, said Dr. Ardi.

we are do this firmness so that you don’t want to go to the Medical Schol to be considered as an important person, and not because of sincerity. sorry there is no another factor which can be relied to save evaluation. except only the sincerity factor, he said

“you want to studied at Medical School the main strength is academic. because a doctor will be face to fce with humans, he said. ***

Reporter: Yohanes Clemens

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