Allegedly is Using of Roads without Permission, PT Indofudong has Commits Violations

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Morowali,- the company of mine a quarry rocks are transporting limestone in the area of Buleleng Village which is taking to the location, the regional refining industrial area of PT. Transon Bumindo Resources in Laroenai Village, the coast Bungku District are using Provincial Roads and National , Allegedly without their permit the use of roads.

If proven, then the company was threatened with punishment. After their activities makes people nervous and road user. Reason is, the company operating in the village of Buleleng was judged to be crossing the road owned of government, without permission as regulated of legislation.

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Described in the law number of 38 years 2014, about the road very clearly regulated, there are public and special of roads. In 1 of article, has explained that a public road for general traffic, whereas special roads are roads built by agencies, or individual business entities for their own interests.

The activities of limestone mining company, which pass on the road between the Bulelang village to Laroenai, making residents who motorists is crossing feel disturbed, because the activities because the transportation activities tend to damage provincial roads, so it was considered troubling.

One of the residents of Buleleng Village, Juslan expressed to the team media about frustration with the activities of mining of limestone loading of PT. Indofudong in Bulelang village.

“Damage of roads in Laroeni of Village, one of the caused limestone loading activities belongs to, PT. Indofudong Undertaken without permission” he explains.

According to him, the government and law enforcement officials should act decisively to companies that carry out activities and use public roads without a permit.
Do not let alone the activities are using public roads without permission, and this does not have to be done. He explains. ***

Reporter: Bambang Sumantri

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