Covid 19: The 68th Anniversary of both Donggala and the 75th the Republic of Indonesia will celebrate simply

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Fto: Rustam Efendi

Donggala, The celebration of the 68th Anniversary both of Donggala and the 75th the Republic of Indonesia, which has certain that it, will be held simply in the Donggala Regency Government

This was expressed by the Regional Secretary of Donggala Regency Rustam Efendy when he is confirmed to on August, 05, 2020.

“Based on the meeting result of Donggala Anniversary we will unite it with the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17 with simply, because of covid 19 pandemic,” he said.

“Rustam, added that for the District and Village level of Donggala Regency Government will be obliged to carry out a Proclamation Anniversary ceremony in their respective regions.”

Implementation of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia itself will be conducted at the office yard of the Regent of Donggala with a limited number of ceremony participants and must comply with health protocols.

“After the Indonesian Proclamation Anniversary ceremony over, we will continue the virtual ceremony and the ceremony held at the Gonenggati Pavilion. He explain. ***

Reporter/translate: Syamsir/Sarifasrah

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